Article Ideas

“Watershed” years in minor league baseball. Examples: the Upheaval, 1971 (Dixie/Northern League), late eighties organization, 1993 expansion, 1998 expansion/no AA/no more indies, 2002-2003 organization, other minor league switcheroos – Sally/Midwest, Cali/Carolina.


How the Phillies’ Blue Jays nickname affected the minors. Blue Rocks and Green Bay were incidental. Blue Sox continued for years.


Minors in the Teens: A Decade in Review. We might look back at it as the Decade of Brand Promotion or the Twitter Years or, god forbid, the Brandiose Era. Interesting things: Topps Pro Debut and heritage, Kinston-Carolina, expansion/contraction, three-way swap, relocations and rebrandings, new affiliations. PDC review


When minor league teams had affiliates. Hawaii Islanders had Bend and Walla Walla. Oakland had Stockton Visalia Stars?  Twin Falls with Rainiers in 1939.


Coolest logo and uniforms quirks. Pulaski Blue Jays, Billings/Butte, El Paso TNOB,


History of indy/co-op/open. Number cruncher: Indy by year