Introducing Minor League Geek

Minor League Geek, currently/always under construction, is a hobby site devoted to minor league baseball that has been in conception and development since about 2012.

Most minor league coverage online deals with top prospects, ballpark visits, and the newest rebrandings and promotions. While these topics will likely be touched upon occasionally here at MLG, this site’s core will be the Defunct Identity Archive–a categorically searchable collection of pages devoted to affiliated teams or team identities that have gone defunct over the years. Additionally, there will be space devoted to articles, memorabilia, media, etc. If you’re unsure of where to start, check out the latest news blurb on this page. If you’re interested in searching for a particular key word or phrase, crash the page by clicking here. Then the search bar pops up. Go ahead and crash it. It’s fun!

My goal with this website is to corral my lifelong passion for minor league baseball into visual, searchable, and readable form. I’m mostly doing it for my own enjoyment and satisfaction, but I’m happy to share with any interested and respectful readers. Enjoy.