Cap/logo posters


Cap posters



I have a small collection of minor league cap posters, and I love the format because each one is a perfect display of the entirely of the minors for one particular moment in time. This collection began in 1998, when I received a poster from the Star Struck apparel company free in the package when I bought a cap. In recent years, I have been trying to obtain cap posters for five year increments leading out from that 1998 poster. I have MiLB (head office) produced posters for 2003 and 2013, and I’m always on the lookout for a 2008 edition, assuming that it exists. I haven’t posted a rundown of my 2013 poster, but I may some day, once I have a clearer sense of which caps are worth commenting on. The MiLB main office has not produced cap posters in a few years, so I went ahead and did one for 2018. I also collect any cap posters I can find before 1998, including my ultimate score of a 1995 New Era poster. Click on the links below to get an overview of each poster, with some selected highlights.

1995 New Era

1998 Star Struck

2003 MiLB

2018 homemade poster



Logo posters



I also scoop up vintage minor league logo display posters as I am able. I currently have two of these. Click below to get an overview.

1993 twenty-team logo poster

Nineties ten-team logo poster



Other posters


1990 Bevis minor league map poster





Best logo ever