Casper Ghosts



The Casper Ghosts of Casper, Wyoming, existed in the Pioneer League, and served as a Rookie-Advanced level affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, for four seasons before passing away permanently.

The Ghosts identity came into being following the 2007 baseball season, when the COTOB Casper Rockies contracted with Brandiose (then known as ‘Plan B’) to create a flashy new brand. As Casper is a small city (even by MiLB standards) and in a remote area, the team needed whatever help it could find in order to stay afloat. They certainly did everything they could to attract attention. casper-ghosts-new-era-cap-hat-59fifty-embroidery-logo-glow-in-the-dark.jpgThe nickname Ghosts would have been unique in any city, but it’s essentially a pun based on Casper the Friendly Ghost. The logo was a scary-looking ghost skull with an orange baseball seam serving as unibrow, and was embroidered into the on-field caps using a special glow-in-the-dark thread. Uniforms were primarily black and white, with orange as a complementary color. The script on both the logo and the uniforms was a fanciful and looping typeface. The brand received national attention in the early days of social media, and sold many caps (especially the glow-in-the-dark ones) to collectors far outside the state of Wyoming. The Ghosts were destined to be one of those short-lived teams that live on in reprinted merchandise long after the team itself ceases to take the field.


On the diamond, the Ghosts glowed with talent in their four years, featuring the pro debuts of several future big-leaguers, including Trevor Story, Corey Dickerson, and the great Nolan Arenado. With the relative proximity to Denver, the Rockies sent a few big names north across the border, including Todd Helton and Mike Timlin.

It was all a flash-in-the-pan, however, and after the 2011 season, Casper gave up the ghost for good. The Rockies bought the franchise and moved it to Grand Junction, Colorado, where they now play as the Grand Junction Rockies.

















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