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The Clearwater Phillies of Clearwater, Florida, played nineteen seasons in the Florida State League. For that entire span, they served as a Single-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. The team was born following the 1984 season, when Philly opted to create and operate an expansion team in he FSL, and house them at Jack Russell Memorial Stadium, their longtime spring training complex in Clearwater.

66401-22FrLike many FSL teams (especially those playing in their parent club’s complex) over the years, Clearwater took on a strongly COTOB identity. In fact, in the eighties, their uniforms and visual branding were essentially identical to Philadelphia’s. A handful of future big league notables passed through Jack Russell that decade, including Bruce Ruffin, Mickey Morandini, and Andy Ashby.

front1.jpgIn 1990, at the cusp of an era when minor league branding took flight, Clearwater dabbled a bit. Out were the hand-me-down caps with Philly P‘s, and in was a letter C (similar in shape to that of the Chicago Cubs) morphing into a series of small waves–presumably in reference to the sea-worthy place name. After Philadelphia spiffed up their brand in the early nineties, swapping out maroon for bright red and blue, Clearwater followed suit. clearwater-95.jpgSince they were making changes already, they took the opportunity to alter the C-with-wave, italicizing the letter and making the lines softer. They also roughed out a new full primary logo, with a blue palm tree growing out from the s in Phillies and framing the wavy place name.

Throughout the nineties and 86261-6236331Frearly aughts, Clearwater had many great ballplayers added to the alum list–many of whom would eventually become key contributors to the great Phillies’ teams of the late aughts. These alums include Mike Lieberthal, Scott Rolen, Pat Burrell,  Jimmy Rollins, Nick Punto, Chase Utley, Carlos Ruiz, Ryan Howard, and Cole Hamels. Since Clearwater was also home base for Philly’s instructional and training operations, the Phillies sent plenty of big-leaguers there for rehab stints and minor league deal placements.

The Clearwater Phillies identity ended following the 2003 season, along with the use of old Jack Russell Memorial Stadium. When new Spectrum Field opened for the 2004 season, the owners in Philadelphia opted to give the team a new unique identity. They tabbed a young branding agency called Plan B (later renamed Brandiose) to give them a new, more marketable identity. The Clearwater Threshers have been the Phillies’ Florida State League affiliate ever since.














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