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The Columbus RedStixx of Columbus, Georgia, played eleven seasons in the South Atlantic League. For that entire span, they served as a Single-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians.

The franchise began as a Sally League expansion team in 1991, and they played that year as a one-year wonder COTOB, with the Columbus Indians identity. For their second season, they took on a unique nickname–calling themselves the RedStixx. This was a reference to the Red Sticks, a group of Native Americans local to the Columbus area. Some liberties were taken with the spelling, however. The two words were stuck together as one, with the S in the center being capitalized. columbus redstixx 95This is an example of the phenomenon known as “camel case” due to the “hump” in the middle of the word. They also, of course, changed the Sticks portion to Stixx. Maybe this was a tip of the cap to the Sox-style method of baseball team nickname pluralization, or maybe they just wanted to be cool in a nineties sort of way. Using two x‘s only made by the name more bizarre, and it stands as one of the more confounding identities of the era.

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When the first RedStixx squad took to the field in ’92, they wore uniforms that were clearly inspired by their parent club in Cleveland, with red and navy as team colors. Their cap featured an original, if simple, logo that was a letter C embedded with two letter X’s, connected by a baseball bat running diagonally and serving as a part of both the letters. In the later nineties, they switched things up by adding in the color orange and developing an identity around a red fox mascot. A new logo had the letters RS in silver with a baseball bat threaded through them and a semi-realistic fox’s head superimposed over a corner of the letters. This logo would appear on both red and white caps through the rest of their years. Toward the end of their existence, the RedStixx trotted out a logo with a 60212-3543825Frcartoonish version of the fox, with biceps bulging out of a sleeveless jersey and sunglasses perched on its snout. This too-cool-for-school canine rested over the lettering, softly tossing a ball as if to say, “hey man, you want to play fetch?”

There was also plenty of baseball played in those eleven years, and Cleveland moved many of their prospects through Columbus in those years. Some of those who would go on to All-Star MLB careers include Richie Sexson, Marco Scutaro, CC Sabathia, Jhonny Peralta, and Victor Martinez.

Even though the Columbus franchise was founded as a Cleveland COTOB, this affiliation would, in ironic fashion, be their undoing. By the early aughts, there was a will to move the team closer to the parent club, and after the 2002, they did just that. The franchise was relocated to the Cleveland suburbs in 2003, and began play as the the Lake County Captains. The Captains rendered the “South Atlantic” league descriptor highly inaccurate for seven seasons before being mercifully moved to the Midwest League; where they serve as one of Cleveland’s Single-A affiliates to this day.







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