Dixie Association

The Dixie Association was a one-year wonder league at the Double-A level that was formed when the Southern League and the Texas League merged during the 1971 season. Minor league baseball was experiencing some dire financial stress in these years, so I assume that the merger was for economic reasons.

The league was formed into three divisions: 1. The West, with four teams from the Texas League, 2. the East, with six teams from the Southern League, and 3.) the Central, with two teams from each. Because the Central Division was a true hybrid, it lends credence to the idea of describing the Dixie Association as a fully-formed league, rather than just an interlocking schedule for the Southern and Texas Leagues.

For whatever reason, the Dixie Association was disbanded after the 1971 season, and the Southern and Texas Leagues teams more or less resumed what they had been doing before the merger. It was only a one-year blip, but it’s interesting to comprehend that for one season, Albuquerque and Jacksonville were in the same league.


West Division
Albuquerque Dodgers
Amarillo Giants
Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs
San Antonio Missions

Central Division
Arkansas Travelers
Birmingham A’s
Memphis Blues
Shreveport Captains

East Division
Asheville Tourists
Charlotte Hornets
Columbus Astros
Jacksonville Suns
Montgomery Rebels
Savannah Braves






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