Glitch Niche

This is a page dedicated to collecting glitches that I’ve found in minor league historical sources. My goal for any of these glitches is to have them rectified, but at the same time, there is only so much power that I have to set the record straight. If you have the interest or ability to try to fix some of these bugs, by all means do so, and then let me know so that I can adjust accordingly. This is a live and constantly updating page, and I’ll periodically check to see the status of the glitches. 


Baseball Reference Glitches

I love B-Ref and use it constantly in a variety of ways in building this site. But it certainly isn’t perfect, and given the scope and obscurity of the minors, there are a good handful of glitches. 

Glitch: Walla Walla Bears  The unaffiliated Northwest League team based in Walla Walla, Washington in 1983 was called the Blue Mountain Bears. I cover it in ridiculous detail here. Luckily, a few readers (notably Brian Stanley) are allies in this battle. I sent the correction to B-Ref in August 2020. Status: As of October 2020, the correction has not been made. 

Glitch: Idaho Falls Nuggets  The unaffiliated Pioneer League team from Idaho Falls in 1985 was called the Eagles. This is another solved mystery. Like Walla Walla, I suspect that B-Ref got the mistake from the Encyclopedia of Minor League Baseball. The Encyclopedia, while amazing, does have a few errors here and there. Status: As of October 2020, the correction has not been made.

Glitch: 1987 Bend  The Phillies dropped the Northwest League’s Bend franchise from their affiliate list after the 1986 season. Bend was suddenly unaffiliated and in need of their own unique identity. They went with the Bend Bucks and kept that moniker through 1991. B-Ref still has them listed as the Bend Phillies in ’87, despite there being hard evidence that they were the Bucks. Beyond the name, they have the 1987 squad listed as being a Phillies affiliate. While there were some players on the fringes of Philly’s system playing in Bend that year, other players have their individual B-Ref page erroneously listing them as having been a part of the Phillies’ system. Status: As of October 2020, the correction has not been made. 

Glitch: 1985-86 Daytona Beach  This is a simple name glitch. While Baseball Reference says that the Florida State League’s Daytona Beach franchise was called the Admirals in ’85 and ’86, this is contradicted by a number of sources, including (funny enough) the BR Bullpen page. Beyond that is hard evidence that the Admirals weren’t a thing until 1987. Status: As of October 2020, glitch remains.

Glitch: 1995 St. Catharine’s  This one is another simple name glitch. They were the St. Catharine’s Stompers in 1995, and B-Ref erroneously lists them as still being called the Blue Jays. Status: As of October 2020, the correction has not been made. 

Glitch: 1972 Burlington Rangers  There is clear evidence that in 1977, the Burlington Rangers (North Carolina version) were a co-op team composed of players from both Texas and the Philadelphia Phillies–despite taking Texas’s name. The issue with B-Ref is that by indexing the team as a Texas affiliate, it leads to TEX marks on players’ records (even somewhat notable future big-leaguers like Dane Iorg) who never were in the Rangers’ system despite playing for a team called the Rangers. Status: As of October 2020, glitch remains.

Glitch: Burlington (Alamance) Indians  I dive into the minutia and evidence on this page, but the upshot is that this Burlington-based team should be listed as the Alamance Indians. Status: As of October 2020, the correction has not been made. 


Some of these glitches feed each other. For example, a glitch on Baseball Reference often leads to a glitch on Wikipedia. (Well, lots of things lead to glitches on Wikipedia.) On the other side, it seems that some of the B-Ref glitches come from the occasional error in the Encyclopedia of Minor League Baseball. I may add some glitches from both Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia at a later time. Keep checking back.