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The Great Falls White Sox of Great Falls, Montana, played five seasons in the Pioneer League. For that entire time, they served as the Rookie Advanced level affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. The GF Sox were created following the 2002 season, when the former Great Falls Dodgers switched their affiliation to Chicago.

The team took on a COTOB identity, though they did have a creative and frankly, quite bizarre logo featuring a heavy-browed baseball blowing some sort of smoke or steam out of its mouth. Perhaps it is simply exhaling air, and it’s a reference to the wind that blows in the higher altitude of Montana. Hard to say. It’s one of those things that makes less sense the more you consider it. rylan-e1523201158784.jpgThe baseball itself formed the o in Sox, with Great Falls arched above the S. Beyond that logo, the visual aesthetic was essential similar to Chicago’s.

Existing for only five seasons at the lower rungs of minors doesn’t help a team’s chances of compiling an impressive list of alums, and the GF Sox were no exception. The biggest name is Chris Young, with others being Ryan Sweeney, Brandon McCarthy, and Chris Carter.

The identity quietly faded away when the team made an effort to boost their brand’s vitality following the 2007 season. The Great Falls Voyagers (and their alien mascot) play in the Pioneer League to this day, and the Great Falls White Sox (and their exhaling baseball face) are nothing but a minor footnote in baseball history.





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