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The Greenville Bombers of Greenville, South Carolina, were a one-year wonder placeholder team that played in the South Atlantic League in the 2005 season. That year, they were a Single-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. They came into being following the 2004 season, when the Capital City Bombers made an in-state move from Columbia to Greenville.

Hey, at least they made a few caps.

The Greenville Bombers played in Greenville Municipal Stadium–vacated the previous season by the Greenville Braves–but this was only a temporary arrangement. The Bombers were a placeholder team in the sense that they moved one season prior to the opening of a new stadium in Greenville, and the plan was to update the brand concurrently with the opening of the new park. While it is tempting to merge this Bombers identity with that of Capital City’s, having a new location pretty much always means having a new team identity–at least by MLG standards. Furthermore, Greenville took at least a little trouble (perhaps ten minutes in Microsoft Paint) to alter the Capital City C, rendered in military stencil font, into a G, and to spell out Greenville in the same style for their primary logo. There are few images of the team that year, but it appears that their uniforms merely said Bombers, and it’s likely that they didn’t bother to place an order for a specialized Greenville set–particularly if they knew it would only be a one-year shot.

s-l1600.jpgIn that one year, there were only three players who would have any major league experience. One was Wade Miller, who had already washed out with the Astros, and the Sox were seeing if he had anything left. The other two pitchers (Jesus Delgado and Harvey Garcia) were traded, along with Hanley Ramirez, to the Marlins as part of the package that brought Josh Beckett to Boston. These two would barely have a cup of coffee in Miami before fading from baseball.

Speaking of fading away, the Bombers identity was dropped entirely following that season, and for 2006, the Greenville Drive drove onto the field. They play in the Sally League to this day.






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