Hall of Famers

This page is dedicated to members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. For each member, there is a page examining their minor league experience. I am including members voted in by both the BBWAA and various committees, though you won’t find every member of the Hall listed here.

For now, I am focusing those who came through the minors in the post-upheaval era, so that excludes many olde-tyme players inducted by the Veterans Committee and other groups, as well as players who were inducted roughly before the late-eighties/early-nineties. I am not including managers and executives, because even though some of them (Earl Weaver, Tommy Lasorda, etc.) had notable stints working in the minors, it’s too boring to be worth it. Basically, the pages are for players in the Hall who had experience in the minors and made their MLB debut in 1963 or later. By my count, that’s 62 players as of 2020.

Fine print: What is interesting to me are the minor league careers of players before and right around the time of their major league debut. The rough MLG standard for counting a player as a team alum is playing experience prior to their MLB debut, or the season after their debut if it was a token appearance, such as a September call-up. Rehab stints and attempts to revive careers after their prime are not interesting to me. I like to see the fresh faces of young prospects who have no clue that a Hall of Fame career lies before them.

Class of 2020

Derek Jeter
Ted Simmons
Larry Walker

Class of 2019

Harold Baines
Roy Halladay
Edgar Martínez
Mike Mussina
Mariano Rivera
Lee Smith

Class of 2018

Vladimir Guerrero
Trevor Hoffman
Chipper Jones
Jack Morris
Jim Thome
Alan Trammell

Class of 2017

Jeff Bagwell
Tim Raines
Iván Rodríguez

Class of 2016

Ken Griffey Jr.
Mike Piazza

Class of 2015

Craig Biggio
Randy Johnson
Pedro Martínez
John Smoltz

Class of 2014

Tom Glavine
Greg Maddux
Frank Thomas

Class of 2012

Barry Larkin

Class of 2011

Roberto Alomar
Bert Blyleven

Class of 2010

Andre Dawson

Class of 2009

Rickey Henderson
Jim Rice

Class of 2008

Rich Gossage

Class of 2007

Tony Gwynn
Cal Ripken, Jr.

Class of 2006

Bruce Sutter

Class of 2005

Wade Boggs
Ryne Sandberg

Class of 2004

Dennis Eckersley
Paul Molitor

Class of 2003

Gary Carter
Eddie Murray

Class of 2002

Ozzie Smith

Class of 2001

Kirby Puckett

Class of 2000

Carlton Fisk
Tony Pérez

Class of 1999

George Brett
Nolan Ryan
Robin Yount

Class of 1998

Don Sutton

Class of 1997

Phil Niekro

Class of 1995

Mike Schmidt

Class of 1994

Steve Carlton

Class of 1993

Reggie Jackson

Class of 1992

Rollie Fingers
Tom Seaver

Class of 1991

Rod Carew
Ferguson Jenkins

Class of 1990

Joe Morgan
Jim Palmer

Class of 1989

Johnny Bench

Those who missed the list

Hall of Famers who never played in the minor leagues:

  • Dave Winfield (class of 2001)
  • Catfish Hunter (class of 1987)
  • Several others who debuted in the pre-upheaval era

Players who came through the minors just before the upheaval:

  • Ron Santo (class of 2012, debuted 1960)
  • Gaylord Perry (class of 1991, debuted 1962)
  • Carl Yastrzemski (class of 1989, debuted 1961)
  • Willie Stargell (class of 1988, debuted 1962)
  • Lou Brock (class of 1985, debuted 1961)
  • Juan Marichal (class of 1983, debuted 1960)

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