Homemade 2018 cap poster


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In 2013, I bought a MiLB cap poster, and realized that it marked 15 years after the cap poster that I acquired in 1998. I had the notion then that it would be neat to have cap posters in five-year increments, or for years ending in a 3 or an 8. I lucked into finding a 2003 poster, and that only steeled my resolve to collect posters with this pattern.

Despite my intent to purchase the 2018 cap poster once it was created, the official MiLB merchandise office stopped making cap posters in 2015. In ’16, they didn’t produce one, and when I emailed them, they stated that there would not be one then or for 2017. Once ’18 rolled around, I knew I was out of luck and had the idea to take matters into my own hands.

I spent about a month working on the project. My process was to use a blank hat template I found online, plus cap logo for each team, and then make a cap using good old Microsoft Paint. I decided to do all 160 teams (Triple-A down to Rookie Advanced) and arranged them by level rather than alphabetically. It was a fun process trying to get the caps just right and I used alternate caps when possible in order to provide a little color diversity in the blue/red/black sea of sports colors.

If you click on this link, it will open a PDF so that you can view the digital images of caps.

Once done with the caps, I printed them off and taped the pages to the backside of an old poster. It was pretty slap-dash, but if I get the bug to a better job in the future, I could do it then. For now, it’s good enough for this geek.

See you in 2023!




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