Lethbridge Black Diamonds




The Lethbridge Black Diamonds of Lethbridge, Alberta, was a team identity that existed for three seasons in the Pioneer League. For that short timespan, they served as a Rookie level affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Before the Black Diamonds came the Lethbridge Mounties, a Pioneer League club in the early nineties that operated as independent of one-to-one MLB affiliation, filling out their rosters from a variety of sources. In 1995, MLB announced new expansion franchises in Tampa Bay and Arizona, and team names/branding materials were revealed a full three years before the new clubs would play their first games. The yet-to-exist Diamondbacks and Devil Rays participated in the 1996 draft, and needing places to stash their draft picks, each took on an affiliate in the Pioneer League. Tampa went with the Butte Copper Kings while Arizona worked out a deal with Lethbridge. 

To go along with the exciting new change, the Mounties brand was scrapped and replaced with the Black Diamonds. The team logo/mascot was a bulldog named Miner Max, who wore a hard hat with 109659-7569664Frattached headlamp. This mining motif seems to have drawn connection with Alberta’s history of coal mining, as high-quality minerals like anthracite were historically called “black diamonds.” Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call the team a DimDer, the “diamond” reference easily connects to Diamondbacks. Of course, both Diamondbacks and Black Diamonds are regionally-relevant monikers that somewhat serendipitously also refer to baseball diamonds. Could just be a coincidence.

Team colors were black, bright blue, and sort of an old gold/tan color for Max. Jerseys were made in two styles–home whites with vested tops featuring Diamonds across the chest with the i dotted by a black diamond and black road unis with sleeves and the city name in blue. A primary logo featured Max and the team nickname enveloped by a black baseball diamond. Atop the shape were eleven golden rays of light, with the each space between the spikes housing one of the ten letters in Lethbridge. A simplified version, with Mack’s profile superimposed on a blue capital letter L and baseball diamond, adorned the caps. speier

Though the Black Diamonds rounded out their rosters with a few players unattached to any major league organization, they were effectively a Diamondbacks affiliate for all three of their seasons. As is typical for a Rookie level club, there were only a handful of guys who would go on to decent major league careers. The most notable Black Diamond players were Junior Spivey, Rod Barajas, and Jack Cust, although the biggest name figure to suit up for Lethbridge was former big-league All-Star Chris Speier, who managed ’96 squad.

The end of the Black Diamonds came at a time when Canadian minor league franchises were rapidly being whisked away south of the border. After the 1998 season, the Black Diamonds were moved to Missoula, Montana, where the Osprey played in the Pioneer League through the 2019 season. The Lethbridge Black Diamonds, meanwhile, have remained buried in under layers of minor league history. 


















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