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The Medicine Hat Blue Jays of Medicine Hat, Alberta, played 25 seasons in the Pioneer League. For that quarter century, they served as a Rookie level affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.


The team identity began following the 1977 season, when the one-year wonder Medicine Hat A’s franchise affiliated with their countrymen located three provinces to the east. 1977 was the year the Toronto Blue Jays were founded, so Medicine Hat was riding the tail feathers of the Jays’ new team fever when they took on a strong COTOB identity. Throughout the years, it was unmistakable who Medicine Hat’s parent club was.bestmhat28.jpg

In fact, from the time of their founding up until about 1993, Medicine Hat had essentially no distinguishing visual identifiers, and wore caps and uniforms that may as well have been hand-me-downs from Toronto. Future Jays who wore these hand-me-downs include Lloyd Moseby, Mark Eichhorn, Pat Borders, Jimmy Key, David Wells, Glenallen Hill, and Mike Timlin.

The Medicine Hat brand branched out a tad in the nineties, a decade that saw Chris Carpenter, Kelvim Escobar, and Álex Ríos added to the alum list. medicine 95They introduced a cap logo with the MH initials, joined together and rendered in the Blue Jays’ iconic pipe-style typeface of the era. The MH logo was a bit oversized for their caps, and commanded attention. They kept this look, even after Toronto dropped the stripey font in the mid-nineties. Medicine Hat did, however, follow suit when Toronto redid their duds in the early aughts–mimicking the bulging bicep blue jay and bizarre line-within-block lettering.

This look seems to have only lasted one year, though, and following the 2002 season, the team was moved to Helena, Montana–a city devoid of baseball following the Brewers’ relocation to Provo, Utah, a few years prior. The former Medicine Hat franchise was also called the Helena Brewers, making for the second iteration of that identity. After the 2018 season, the franchise relocated to Colorado Springs, where they now play as the Rocky Mountain Vibes.








Medicine Hat was one of several minor league teams featured in a 1990 Sports Illustrated cover story
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