Missoula Osprey




The Missoula Osprey of Missoula, Montana, was a team identity that existed in the Pioneer League for 21 seasons. For that entire time period, they served as Rookie-Advanced level affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Osprey first took flight following the 1998 season, when the Lethbridge Black Diamonds of Alberta were moved south of the border and into the Montana college town of Missoula. They took on the name Osprey, a proper plural form of a local bird of prey that is also called a seahawk. Osprey are so enmeshed in the Missoula ecosystem that for a few years, there was an actual osprey nest in the team’s stadium, perched high near the lights.

1smrn9m4h30jysyyr30hycddzThe team chose black and blue as primary colors with some gold accents. They developed logos around a simple drawing of an osprey with a fish clasped in its talons. In the full primary logo, the bird was flying over a background baseball diamond graphic and a banner reading “baseball” below the team wordmark. These were only references to the sport in any of the graphics, and the team’s typical caps were either just the osprey with fish or the bird’s head peeking through a letter O. If a random person in an airport saw someone wearing an Osprey cap, they may think that person is a raptor enthusiast and not think of baseball at all. The Osprey uniforms were vested white-and-black suits with a large osprey head on the right breast. In the later years of the team, they experimented with blue and black alternate uniforms, but they kept the old vests through the years.

2003 cargo

The brand wasn’t the only thing that was remarkably consistent. The Osprey were with the Diamondbacks for all 21 of their seasons, and considering that they were a Rookie level team, they amassed a very solid list of alumni during the aughts and teens. Some of the players who would go on to experience the most success at the big league level are José Valverde, Lyle Overbay, Carlos González, Miguel Montero, Gerardo Parra, Ender Inciarte, Paul Goldschmidt, Jake Lamb, and Adam Eaton. Additionally, there is a good possibility that other Osprey from their last few seasons will still go on to big league notoriety in the future.

The end of the Osprey identity came following the 2019 season, when the franchise rebranded as the Missoula PaddleHeads, using a outdoor enthusiast moose for a mascot. The PaddleHeads represent Missoula in the Pioneer League today, and the Osprey have flown off into minor league legend.






2000 Star Struck
Caps from the 2000 Star Struck catalog


1999 overbay


2003 cg
Carlos González, 2003


2003 montero


2006 parra


2009 inciarte
Ender Inciarte, 2009


goldschmidt pro debut
Goldschmidt, 2009


2009 goldschmidt


Jake Lamb
Jake Lamb wearing alternate blue jerseys with an M logo. Note the cap with talons clutching fish.


View from left field


Nest above the stadium with real osprey