OMNI April 2018

It’s been awhile since I did my last OMNI. Since February, plenty has happened in the world of minor league baseball, including the start of the 2018 season. Some notable stories have been developing lately, so this seems like a good time to check in.

MLG News

I’ve hit my stride with DIA entries this spring, and as of this writing, I’ve done about fifty entries. Additionally, I’ve added some fun “live” pages for keeping track of things like COTOBs, DimDers, One-Year Wonders, and Endangered Teams. The Pro-Line cap gallery is constantly expanding. I made my own 2018 cap poster. Things are humming along nicely.

MiLB News

In the run-up to the season opener, there were countless press releases from minor league teams announcing promotions. Most of these are boilerplate and frankly, boring, including teams temporarily renaming themselves after a local culinary delight–a trend that took off a few years ago with the Fresno Tacos. One type of temporary identity that I always enjoy, though, is the “what could have been” nights that teams sometimes have, wherein they take on the identity of a losing entry in their old name-the-team contests. My favorite this year is from the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, who are going to become the New Hampshire Mountain Men for a game this summer.


I love everything about this. The name is unique and very relevant to New Hampshire, where the “old man on the mountain” is an iconic image. The logo designed for this event is slick, and I love how the mountain man includes the jutting lower jaw of the rock formation, which is featured on the cap. The font is fun, and the M in Mountain also features the old man. Very nice. Though I don’t dislike the Fisher Cats moniker, I think this would be a much better permanent identity for New Hampshire.


In other new identity news, two franchises have announced that they are soliciting submissions for team names. First up is Amarillo, where a new team will be sprouting up to take the place of the San Antonio Missions when they are “promoted” to Triple-A. This is just part of the process, and we’ll keep tabs on the story of Amarillo getting their first affiliated team since the Gold Sox moved in 1982. Gold Sox was a great name, but I don’t expect it to come back in the Brandiose era. May I suggest Amarillo Armadillos?



In somewhat more surprising news, the Las Vegas 51s announced that they will be renaming their team in conjunction with their new ballpark, set to open in 2019. The news comes out of the blue, but it’s not too surprising, as the gimmicky 51s moniker is more a relic of the time it was created in the early aughts. Also, the team will be looking to generate buzz and revenue, and the 51s brand lost a lot of vitality over the years–perennially drawing in lower quartile of Triple-A attendance. We’ll see what we get.


We’ll see what we get. That’s a good mantra for today. Till next time!





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