2020 PBA Coverage


Here are some articles I’ve written about the 2020 Professional Baseball Agreement, proposed reduction of Player Development Contracts, and related topics.


Latest Articles

Odd-Numbered Leagues and Competitive Integrity  Oct. 2020

Early Dispatches from a PBA-Free World  Oct. 2020


Last-Month Minis – September 2020

Will Covid Cancel the PBA?

Flattening the Level and the Mudcat Quagmire

Jacksonville, Richmond, and “Team X”

Should the Northwest League Drop to Four Teams?

Mixing up the Carolina and Sally Leagues

We Need to Talk About the Pecos League

On ESPN and the Eastern League

Should the Midwest League Be Split in Two?

The Case for Placeholders


Older PBA Articles

Top Levels and Unexpected Vulnerability  Aug. 2020

Comments on Cooper Content  Aug. 2020

Picking Apart “One Baseball” Aug. 2020

Response to Last Minute Negotiating Team Changes  Aug. 2020

A-Ball Ambiguity Part II: the Summer Sequel  July 2020

A-Ball Ambiguity  July 2020

The PBA in the Time of Coronavirus  Apr. 2020

Response to More PBA Updates  Feb. 2020

Response to PBA Updates (Including the “List of 42”)  Nov. 2019

Response to the MLB Initial PBA Proposal  Oct. 2019

Response to “Do We Even Need Minor League Baseball?”  Sept. 2019

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