Perfect Gamers




This page is similar to the Hall of Famer list, but is an examination of the minor league careers of pitchers who have pitched a perfect game. For now, I’m only going as far back as Len Barker’s ’81 game, and there are a few reason for this. The next most recent games before Barker were Catfish Hunter in ’68 and Sandy Koufax in ’65. Coincidentally, both Hunter and Koufax are on the relatively short list of “bonus baby” players who began their careers in the major leagues without any minor league experience. Thus, there is no minor league career to examine. Before Koufax, the hurlers who tossed perfect games came through the minors in the pre-Upheaval era. Maybe some day I will get to those guys, but for now, check out the pages of these Perfect Gamers.


Félix Hernández 8/15/2012
Matt Cain 6/13/2012
Philip Humber 4/21/2012
Roy Halladay 5/29/2010
Dallas Braden 5/9/2010
Mark Buehrle 7/23/2009
Randy Johnson 5/18/2004
David Cone 7/18/1999
David Wells 5/17/1998
Kenny Rogers 7/28/1994
Dennis Martínez 7/28/1991
Tom Browning 9/16/1988
Mike Witt 9/30/1984
Len Barker 5/15/1981




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