Place Name-Referential Nicknames



Sometimes a sports team will use a nickname that is a reference to a place, and sometimes a sports team will use a nickname that references that place’s name itself. Of the latter, the most prominent is probably the National League’s Philadelphia Phillies. This has also happened several times in the minors, and this page is an attempt to list these teams. This live page is perpetually under construction, especially since this phenomenon was much more common in the earlier days of the minor leagues–a time that I haven’t researched very much at this point. So for now, I’m just going to list qualifying teams that have played since the 1962-1963 Upheaval.


Charleston Charlies

High Point-Thomasville Hi-Toms

St. Paul Saints

St. Petersburg Saints

Williamsport Bills


Binghamton Triplets

Raleigh-Durham Triangles

Winston-Salem Dash

Tri-City/Tri-Cities Triplets


Queens Kings