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The Potomac Nationals of Woodbridge, Virginia, was a team identity that existed for fifteen years in the Carolina League. For that entire time span, they served as the Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

The P-Nats began following the 2004 season, and came about as a result of the Montréal Expos relocating to America’s capital. As the Washington Nationals moved toward their inaugural season, they began to take steps to organize their farm system to their liking. Mutual interest was shared with the front office of the Potomac Cannons in the D.C. suburb of Woodbridge. An affiliation was forged, and the Cannons took on a COTOB nickname while retaining the regional place name.


The P-Nats used the same color scheme and many branding elements of their Washington parent club. Their primary logo was similar to the Nationals’ original logo but for a few adjustments. The cap emblem–a letter P with a flag spooling out of it–was the most unique part of the aesthetic.2012 rendon

In the decade-and-a-half that the P-Nats were a thing, they managed to hit a sweet spot with prospects and future big-league standouts. Being close to D.C., they were a convenient spot for rehab assignments for the likes of Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper, and Stephen Strasburg. Furthermore, the teams was a rung on the developmental ladder for players such as Ian Desmond, Marco Estrada, Jordan Zimmermann, Derek Norris, Anthony Rendon, Robbie Ray, Víctor Robles, and Juan Soto.

As time went by, the old stadium (“the Pfitz”) in Woodbridge came under scrutiny and relocation rumors began bubbling up. Eventually, the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia ponied up for a new park and 2019 was marked as the last season at the Pfitz. As Fredericksburg is also in the Potomac River region, there existed a possibility that the same team name would continue through the move, pressing the 3 of 4 Rule a bit. Instead, the new location (unsurprisingly) led to a new brand. They kept the COTOB nickname, but designed a new visual look and called themselves the Fredericksburg Nationals. The Fred Nats play in the Carolina League to this day, and the P-Nats were swept down river to the ocean of minor league trivia.







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Ian Desmond


Jordan Zimmermann, 2008


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Strasburg on rehab assignment








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