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The Pulaski Mariners of Pulaski, Virginia, played seven seasons in the Appalachian League. For the entire lifespan of the team/identity, they were a Rookie Advanced Level affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

The Pulaski-based team in the Appy League has switched hands many times over the years, with various MLB teams sending their players to Calfee Park, a WPA project that first opened in 1935. After winking out of existence for one season in 2007, the former Pulaski Blue Jays linked up with Seattle. As is common in the Appy League, the Pulaski Mariners based their entire identity around their parent club. Their visual aesthetic featured the navy/silver/green Seattle motif, and their cap logo featured a letter P rendered in the Mariners’ font and with a small compass affixed to the looping bulge of the letter. One interesting thing about this logo is that the team played their years in the Appy alongside the Princeton (WV) Rays, who also sported a P logo,FullSizeRender (45).jpg only with a different MLB-borrowed pointed object (the Tampa Bay sunburst) in about the same place as the compass for Pulaski. If that’s not enough, the two cities lined up alphabetically among the 160 MiLB teams, meaning that the two P-with-pointy-MLB thing logos were neighbors on my 2013 cap poster.

There is really not much else to say about the Pulaski Mariners. Despite a good seven 51YgHBP++3Lseasons, the team did not feature many notable alumni. Their biggest name alum to date is probably Edwin Díaz, whose roller coaster MLB career at least features a few awards. It’s certainly possible that some their other alumni will still break out in the majors. Time marches ever onward, but let’s say that an 18-year-old who played on the latter-day P-Mariners is waiting for their breakout in the bigs this decade. It could happen, I suppose.

The team did have a mascot–a generic fox named Slyder. That’s kind of a clever name, and Slyder was creepy enough to take note. I guess that’s something.

The team identity ceased to be when Seattle and Pulaski parted ways after the 2014 season. The Appy team’s owners had retired and Calfee Park was put up for sale by the city. Shortly after Seattle left, new owners bought the park and began pumping serous money into the operation. They were also able to lure the services of a new MLB team and the team took on their new parent’s identity. The Pulaski Yankees play in the Appalachian League to this day, while the Pulaski Mariners are the type of team that is quickly buried in the nooks and crannies of minor league baseball.





MiLB - Greeneville Astros vs. Pulaski Mariners - August 29, 2010
Jabari Blash


slyder the fox
Slyder in a threatening pose









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