The Sox Drawer


Most of us are so used to the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox that we don’t pause to consider why those team nicknames end in X rather than cks. The reason is a pretty interesting quirk of turn-of-the-century linguistics, and is similar to how we use terms like “drive thru” or “late nite.” The Sox phenomenon is something that is purely synonymous with baseball, and naturally, the minor leagues are no exception.

In addition to the myriad COTOB identities for both the Red Sox and White Sox, the minors have seen teams with many hues of Sox, and many unique prefixes for Sox. Some of these are derivatives (or DimDers) for Boston and Chicago’s clubs, some were inspired by the MLB clubs despite no affiliation, and some of the older ones were likely created independent of MLB influence.

This live page is a continually-updating list of Sox-based identities in the minors. It is not yet comprehensive, and not unlike finding a long lost sock behind the washing machine, I’ll add it to the drawer. I’ve broken the list down into three categories: current teams, defunct modern/post-upheaveal identities, and defunct pre-modern olde tyme teams. There’s also an “honorable mention” section for teams that sort of qualify or are teams from other leagues (independent, summer collegiate, etc) that exist outside of the NAPBL ecosystem.


Current teams:

Bowie Baysox

Everett AquaSox


Defunct modern teams:

Amarillo Gold Sox

Clinton C-Sox

Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Deerfield Beach Sun Sox

Fresno Sun Sox

Helena Gold Sox

Knoxville Sox

Middlesboro Cubsox

Niagara Falls Sox

Reno Silver Sox

Sarasota Sun Sox

Utica Blue Sox

Winter Haven Sun Sox






Defunct pre-modern teams:

Charleston ChaSox (South Atlantic League, 1959, White Sox DimDer)

Cleveland Green Sox

Davenport Blue Sox (Mississippi Valley League/Western League, 1929-1937)

Green Bay Blue Sox (Wisconsin State League, 1941)

Greensburg Green Sox

Miami Sun Sox

Montgomery Black Sox (Southern Association, 1903)

Seattle Purple Sox

Toledo Glass Sox


Honorable mention:

Amarillo Sox

Marysville Gold Sox

Mesa Solar Sox

Pawtucket Red Sox “PawSox”

St. Cloud Rox

Wenatchee AppleSox

Coming soon: Worcester Red Sox “WooSox”





Seattle Purple Soxmiami sun sox 1949 aagreensburg-green-sox-1938