Unsolved Mysteries

This page is dedicated to confounding questions that I’ve had while sifting through the annals of minor league minutia.


Affiliation questions:

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: What was up with Hawaii, Walla Walla, and Bend in the early 70s?

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: How many teams were affiliates of PCL clubs? And how does that work?


Player questions:

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: Did Derek Jeter ever play a game for the Fort Lauderdale Yankees?


Team nickname questions:

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: Did the Utica Blue Sox have a different name in the 1996 season?

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: What was the name of the Northwest League team based in Walla Walla, Washington in the 1983?


Miscellaneous whimsy:

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: What is up with some of the opposing teams in the hit 1988 film Bull Durham? Why Billings and Eugene? Who were the Senators?

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: Why were the Port City Roosters absent from the 1995 New Era promotional cap poster?



UNSOLVED MYSTERY: What was the nickname of the Pioneer League’s Idaho Falls franchise in 1985? Was it the Eagles or the Nuggets? It was the Eagles!





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