Unsolved Mysteries


This page is dedicated to confounding questions that I’ve had while sifting through the annals of minor league minutia.


Affiliation questions:

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: How many teams were affiliates of PCL clubs? And how does that work?  [partially solved/explored in this article.]


Player questions:

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: Did Derek Jeter ever play a game for the Fort Lauderdale Yankees?


Team nickname questions:

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: Did the Utica Blue Sox have a different name in the 1996 season?


Miscellaneous (likely unsolvable) whimsy:

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: What is up with some of the opposing teams in the hit 1988 film Bull Durham? Why Billings and Eugene? Who were the Senators?

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: Why were the Port City Roosters absent from the 1995 New Era promotional cap poster?



UNSOLVED MYSTERY: What was the nickname of the Pioneer League’s Idaho Falls franchise in 1985? Was it the Eagles or the Nuggets? It was the Eagles!

UNSOLVED MYSTERYWhat was the name of the Northwest League team based in Walla Walla, Washington in the 1983?  I’m convinced! It was just the “Blue Mountain Bears.”

UNSOLVED MYSTERY: What was up with Hawaii, Walla Walla, and Bend in the early 70s?  [I never made an Unsolved Mystery page for this one, but I explored and got to the bottom of it in this article.]



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