Western Carolinas League

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There have been affiliated leagues called the Western Carolinas League in two continuous eras, 1948-1952 and 1960-1979. This page is for the latter of the two, a league that operated at Class D up until the 1963 upheaval, at which point it was reclassified as Class A full-season. After the 1979 season, the league changed its name to the South Atlantic League, which confusingly, was also the previous name for the Double-A Southern League.

While the Western Carolinas League merely changed its name, and didn’t really go defunct, I’d make the case that it’s a defunct identity league. In the switchover from 1979 to 1980, the league expanded from six to eight teams, and this included a name change-necessitating expansion into Georgia with the Macon Peaches. In short, only five of eight team identities in ’80 existed the previous year. Let’s call it a defunct league identity.

There were about 50 team identities that existed in the WCL, and only one of which (the Asheville Tourists) still exist in the Sally League. Rather than list each team on this page, I’m going to add defunct identities to this page in a similar manner to the other league pages in the DIA. For teams that played in both the WCL and SAL (such as the Greenboro Hornets, Spartanburg Phillies, etc.) I’ll list them on the pages for both leagues.


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